Access control

Access control systems reduce the risk of intrusion by regulating user entrances and exits and preventing unauthorized people from entering your premises.

Technological advances have led to innovative systems that allow organizations to leverage the full potential of digital technology in their access control systems.

Groupe Central makes it a point of pride to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, working in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of security equipment. Whatever the brand, we offer our clients the best technology at attractive price-quality ratios.

Although the new generation technology simplifies the integration of innovative access control, Groupe Central maintain his commitment to evaluate, test and assess the reliability of all products before installing them.

“ Combining know-how and technology ”

Alarm System

“ Blending sturdiness and agility ”

By installing an alarm system, Groupe Central can help you protect your assets.To avoid costly disasters, we give you the best on the market. Our alarm management systems include the following measures to ensure improved effectiveness and reliability:

  • Detecting false alarms, breakdowns, communication errors and anomalies
  • Offering remote assistance to arm and disarm the alarm system
  • Avoiding employee entrance and exit errors to reduce on-site intervention by security officers
  • Managing system upgrades and security patches
  • Inspecting the equipment and systems to meet security requirements

Groupe Central suggests organizations on how to manage their access codes responsibly and maintain a restricted list of authorized individuals.

Our expertise in system implementation and our experience managing false alarms generate major savings for our clients, by reducing the number of false alarms and significantly lowering the costs associated with patrols and police checks.

As a dissuasive method to counter fraudulent activities such as internal theft, alarm systems protect your store, backstore and warehouse. Our clients consistently report reduced internal theft after having an alarm system installed by our expert team.

Remote alarm surveillance

Groupe Central’s call management method uses a secure, flexible web platform to document all incidents and track all related information.

This means there is always a team of experienced operators to take charge of communications management if an incident occurs.

“ Protecting your assets at all times ”

Video surveillance

“ Strengthening your protection ”

Depending on the security requirements of your sector (private or public), it may be appropriate to install a video surveillance system. Far more than a crime deterrent, a camera system can help identify offenders and provide evidence that can be used in an investigation.

As a security partner, Groupe Central offers closed-circuit camera systems to commercial clients to:

  • Protect the health and safety of employees and visitors
  • Monitor internal and external activities in real time
  • Record evidence by saving images on a video recorder


Link security to investigations to uncover facts and learn how to reduce the threats and risks that may affect your organization’s performance.Groupe Central offers a wide variety of investigation services to observe and report back on facts. For fast, dependable results, let us be your eyes and ears.

Our investigation service can be very useful for company directors in the event of commercial disputes. From the initial investigation to the preparation of detailed reports, our investigators help protect and defend our clients in contentious situations.

Using a variety of investigation tools and techniques, such as accessing incident reports and obtaining witness statements, our investigators gather all the facts required to build a thorough, high-quality case file.

When circumstances require it, a surveillance operation can be used to monitor the activities of people who could have a negative impact on the organization. In a situation such as this, the information gathered is used to ascertain the integrity of the people in question.

  • Prevent and detect white collar crime – business fraud
  • Identify and monitor people and/or organizations
  • Secure evidence and prepare investigation reports
“ Special investigation unit ”

Video surveillance – Virtual patrol

“ For unique, flexible support ”

To support the investigation process, our virtual patrol services spot and monitor behaviours and activities to glean important information that can be used to support and complement an investigation.

Using your existing video surveillance system, Groupe Central can offer you a virtual patrol program to monitor the status of your internal and external cameras. The frequency and length of the virtual patrols are based on your needs and on an evaluation of the risk and threat. Unlike physical patrols, which are generally limited to a visual inspection of the outer perimeter, our virtual patrol program is an effective way to enhance your protection and reduce costs.

  • Plan and organize building surveillance schedules
  • Confirm and report activities deemed to be a risk for the organization
  • Coordinate communications with emergency services if required

Personalized video surveillance

Groupe Central offers personalized video surveillance. Knowing we are there to keep watch on your assets gives you complete peace of mind.Whether or not you are on-site, our personalized video service protects your organization, business or home. All buildings and sites can benefit from this type of protection, including warehouses, parking lots and construction sites.

The judicious use of video surveillance and the discernment of our qualified specialists establish the standards you need to improve your security.

  • Detect potential threats
  • Identify suspicious actions
  • Collect evidence
“ Advanced Security
for a complete peace of mind ”