About Groupe Central

Our technical security system management and integration consulting services allow businesses to protect their assets and reduce risks while maximizing efficiency and savings.

For over 25 years, Groupe Central has been an active and committed strategic partner, security system integrator and risk management consultant for retail, industry and government clients in Canada.

Groupe Central’s services include:

  • Security strategy planning and development
  • Partial or complete outsourcing of security management
  • Integration and installation of security systems
  • Product sales– access controls, video surveillance and alarm systems
  • Surveillance and investigations

Groupe Central works through two separate business units: Central Video System (CVS) designs and sets up technical solutions – alarms, access control and video cameras. Central Investigation offers investigation and consulting services.

“ Your security leader ”


“ Committed to your protection ”

Leadership is the core of our mission: we aim for excellence and contribute to the business success of our clients, employees and business partners.

Our goal is to simplify the security management process and, drawing on our extensive expertise and consultative know-how, provide you with the very best security technology.

In summary, we offer innovative strategies that reduce costs and give you the best return on your security investment.


Over 25 years of experience: We put our field knowledge to deliver leading-edge security projects and avoid traps, in order to optimize efficiency and asset-protection results.

As a security systems integrator and specialist, Groupe Central has developed solid expertise in the retail, industrial and institutional sectors – expertise that enables fast and cost efficient delivery of security projects and guarantees  their success.

As a provider of security strategy and consulting services, Groupe Central offers freedom of choice with regard to the technology and equipment you install. We assess your current environment and examine your specific organizational imperatives to design the ideal system for your needs.

We are the specialists of security system integration, from technical advice to the installation and maintenance of the selected solutions.

Our objective is to provide you with our know-how to benefit you so you may leverage our experience and offer you guidance toward proven security strategies and to implement them in a proactive risk management approach.

“ Independence and objectivity ”


“ Our calling: your security ”

To reduce risk and secure their assets, leading organizations entrust us with the implementation and integration of their security strategies and security management systems.

Developed over a quarter of a century of field experience in the integration of risk management systems, our business model is perfectly adapted to provide our clients with the critical services they need.

Groupe Central serves most major industry sectors in Canada. We have develop long-term business relationship with many of our clients.

Our clients call on us to deploy security solutions such as:

  • Integration and Installation of security systems; such as access control, alarm and video surveillance systems
  • Maintenance and upgrading of security equipment
  • Security plans and set-up design

Security projects are not just a matter of installing equipment; they are an opportunity to transform your organizational infrastructure to eliminate or reduce potential risk.